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In order to use the report function in the invoice application, the user must have access to view reports via any of his roles. See also the article Roles, report and search access rights on how to assign report access rights.

Open the report form by clicking on the Reports button in the menu column to the right of the workflow window/invoice window.

The following form will open:

Selection of type of report  

There are three different categories of reports to choose from:

  • Standard Reports: includes a number of standard reports that are always available in the system.
  • Custom reports: there is the possibility to create customer-unique reports that can be used directly in the application. These reports are designed according to wishes and are provided as consultancy adjustment by MediusGo AB
  • Dashboard: see further in the separate chapter on Dashboard

Standard reports

The system has the following standard reports:

Standard reportDescription
Non-Preliminary posted invoicesDisplays all invoices imported into the system that have not yet been preliminary posted. Exception: The report does NOT list invoices in the queue Import error.
Preliminary posted, non-final posted invoicesDisplays all invoices that have been preliminary posted but not final posted. 
Overdue InvoicesDisplays all active (not completed) invoices in the system that are overdue for payment
StageDisplays all invoices in the selected stage in the flow. The stage for the report is selected via the drop-down list with the following options.
  • Automatic stages mean that all invoices that are in stages processed automatically by the system will be displayed.
  • Administration means that all invoices in the central group queues in the system will be displayed (Vendor registration, New Invoice Review, Invoice Exceptions Review, etc.)
Then choose to view the report by clicking the View Report button at the bottom of the page
UsersDisplays all invoices of selected users in the system.
Users can be selected via the button at the Users field that displays the following forms for user search:
Enter the user's signature, last name or first name (* can be used as a wildcard for searching part of last name etc.). Click Search to see the result. Select a user in the list and click OK
Group queueDisplays all invoices of the selected group queue in the system. Group queue can be selected via the button at the Group Queue field that shows the corresponding search form as in the example for users above.

Select companies to include in the report

If there is more than one company in the system, companies must first be selected before a report can be downloaded. The company is selected at the top of the page by moving companies from the Available companies box to the Selected companies box.

By using the simple arrows, selected companies are moved and by using the double arrows all companies are moved. If only one company exists, this will be automatically selected.

Presentation of the report result

Columns that present the results of the report

The Settings icon, in the black column of the workflow window, allows you to choose which columns to display when presenting a search/report result. Read more about those in the article Columns.

Open report results in Excel

By clicking the Excel button, the output of the report can be opened directly in Microsoft Office - Excel. If Include coding rows in: are checked, the coding rows are also transferred to Excel for each invoice.

Open invoice in report

The invoices listed in a report can be opened by clicking on the invoice in the list. All invoice information can be displayed/read, no information can be edited. If the result is displayed in Excel, there is a link to the invoice image at the far right of each row.

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