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Accrual of coding


Accrual of coding can be performed in the invoice application, but it's required that the ERP system used can receive accrual information for it to function fully. The coding row to be accrued is, as usual, coded to the expense account on which the expense is to be posted and the balance account for the accrual is stated in the accrual form.

Accrual of coding rows

To accrue a coding row, first select the current coding row.

To accrue several rows simultaneously, check the box Accr.

Then press the Accrue button.

Depending on how the invoice application is configured, accrual can be done in the following different ways:

Accrual with specification of account and start / end date

Choose which balance account to use for accrual, only accounts that are marked as accrual accounts in the Chart of accounts appear in the list of selectable accounts. If the account you want to use is not in the list, this account must be selected as an accrual account in the Chart of Accounts. Read how to do this in the article Chart of accounts.

Enter From date (year and month) and End date (year and month) for the accrual and click Accrue, whereby the coded amount is distributed over the number of periods specified. Any rounding is automatically added to the first period.

Adjustment of the amounts between the periods can be done manually if necessary. To save the accrual, click the OK button.

Accrual by specifying accrual template

In addition to the above, the invoice application also supports that accrual is carried out with given accrual template. There is support for the accrual template to contain different information (differences between ERP systems):

  • Accrual account
  • Number of periods
  • Start date (period)
  • End date (period)

That the coding row is accrued is indicated by the icon with an arrow that appears on the row.

Delete and edit accrual

  1. To edit/delete an accrued row, click on the icon with an arrow and the accrual form will open.
    To edit/delete multiple accrued rows that have the same accrual, select these rows with the check box in the Accr column. and then click the Accrue button.
  2. To remove the accrual, click Delete and all rows will be deleted. Click OK to finish and the coding row will now appear on the invoice without accrual.
    Edit an accrual by changing the fields, and then clicking OK.

Limit accruals via system settings

Limitation of the accruals can be configured via the administration tool to:

  • Prevent coding rows where account flagged as tax account is accrued (AllowVATPeriod).
  • Prevent accrual from being performed on closed period (MinPeriodicDate / MaxPeriodicDate).

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