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Use Coding templates

Coding templates can be used to simplify coding on invoices that come back regularly. The templates can be created directly when handling an invoice or alternatively via the administration tool. Read more about this in the chapter Create and delete coding templates.

There are two different ways to use templates.

Type template in the account field

Type Template in the account field and a list of existing templates will be displayed, select the template and tab to the next field or press enter and the template's coding rows will be used and the amount of the current invoice will be distributed according to the distribution in the template.

The button Templates

You can also press the button Templates in the Invoice window.

The form for templates opens with the tab Use template activated

  • Options: If there are already existing rows on the invoice, you can choose to replace or keep them.
  • Amount: Use the remaining amount to code on the invoice or use a certain portion of the total amount of the invoice.
  • Select template: Choose from the drop-down list which template to use.

The template coding rows are displayed in the Coding rows window.

Press OK to use the template coding rows on the invoice.

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