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Mobile Work-queue window

The work-queue window in the mobile interface consists of two tabs, one for invoices in the Review stage and one for invoices in the Approval stage.

Select the invoices you want to review/approve and click Approve at the bottom of the window. If any of the invoices cannot be approved, a message will appear and the invoice will be opened.

Substitutes and group queues

The drop-down list under your name at the top of the page shows the name of the people you are replacing and the group queues you have access to. Click on one of the queue names and the invoices in that queue will be displayed.

There is also the option Change orientation, which is used to add the check boxes to the left or right of the invoice list.

Send to Invoice Exceptions Review

If you want to send one or more invoices to Invoice Exceptions Review, select them in the list and click on the yellow Investigation button at the bottom of the window. A box pops up to write a message before the invoice is forwarded.

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