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Mobile Invoice window

When you click on an invoice in the list in the Work-queue window, an invoice window opens with the possibility to, among other things, review/approve, change coding and write messages.

Invoice Image

At the top left of the window is the Invoice Image button, click on it and the invoice image will be displayed. Click the button again to hide the image.

Invoice Information

At the top right you will find the Invoice Info button, here you will find supplementary information for what is shown in the invoice window. Due dates and Accounting dates are, depending on settings in the administration tool, editable. To hide the information, click the Invoice Info button again.


The Message button allows you to read and write messages. The number of existing messages is indicated in the red circle next to the heading.

Create new message

Click the Message button to create a message on the invoice.

Type text and press the Add button. The new message is then placed at the top of the list of all messages.

To the text, the system adds the date and who wrote the message. Text cannot be deleted.

Forward the invoice

When you are finished with an invoice, click Approve and then a form will open where you select the recipient and then click OK.

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