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Expense in the administration tool

Expense is a supplement for receipt management in the invoice application that requires its own license, if you do not have this and want to know more contact our Customer Center by registering a support case in the customer portal.

The set of Expense in the administration tool consists of three steps.

1. Activate company

To activate a company, go to Organization - Company and click on Manage.

Go to the Change company tab and select the company to be activated in the drop-down list.

A box for managing companies in Expense is displayed at the bottom of the form. Select your bank/salary system in the drop-down list Template organization and click on the blue button Create unit in Expense.

If changes are made to a company that is in Expense, click on the blue button Update organization in Expense.

2. Aktivera användare

To activate users, go to Organisation - Users and open the current user.

Select the company under User's company. Under User properties on companies, there is now a tab called AscendoExpense.

Go to that tab, fill in the employment number and whether the user should have administrator rights for Expense and then click on the blue button Create user in Expense.

If an existing user in Expense has changes in the fields on the tab, click the blue Update user in Expense button.

3. Add coding dimensions

To add coding dimensions, go to System Configuration - Coding String and open the current dimension.

Click the blue button Sync Dimension with Expense.

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