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Create and delete Coding templates

Coding templates can be used to simplify coding on invoices that come back regularly. These can be created and removed both directly in the invoice application or in the administration tool. You can read more about how to use coding templates in the section Use Coding templates.

Create Coding templates

The invoice application

Open an invoice and code it the way you want the template to look and then click on the buttton Templates above the coding rows

A form opens where you click on the tab Create template. The existing coding on the invoice are visible on the form.

Specify a name of the template and choose if the template is private or general. Permission to create general templates is given on the role-form. The press OK to save.

If you want to change an existing template instead, select that option and then choose the template to change in the drop-down list Existing template and click OK.

The administration tool

Go to Business rules - Coding templates and press  on the top of the page.

Specify the following fields:

Template nameName of the template
User nameName of the person the template belongs to (if the user template type is selected).
Template type
General templateThe template type can be used by all users in the company in question.
User templateThe template type can only be used by the person selected in the Username drop-down list.
Administrative templateThe template type can only be used by invoice administrators in the queues New Invoice Review and Invoice Exceptions Review.
Load coding rows from existing coding templateFor work saving purposes, you can select an existing coding template in the drop list which you can then easily modify to a new template.
Coding rowsHere you specify the coding rows the template should have in the same way as you code an invoice in the invoice application 

When all the information are specified in the template, the data is saved by clicking the Save button.

Delete Coding templates

The invoice application

Delete a coding template by first opening the form with the button Templates and then select the tab Create template.

Choose the option Change an existing template, select the template in question in the drop-down list Existing template and click on Delete.

The administration tool

To delete a coding template go to Business rules - Coding templates and open the template. Click on Delete and confirm with OK.

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