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Roles and Special approval rules

In addition to the ordinary approval rules, which are based on one or more approval-controlling coding dimensions, there is the possibility of administering special approval rules, which act as an exception to the ordinary approval rules.

A special approval rule means that for a certain unique combination of account and coding dimensions, a user or role can be assigned a unique approval right.

Creation of the rules themselves takes place in the administration tool's main menu Approval rules the option Special Approval Rules.

On the Special Approval Rules tab on the role form you select whether a role is to be given a special approval right according to any of the rules that are created in the system.

Add/Remove Special approval rules on a role

Start by highlighting the company to which the rights are to be assigned on the tab Role's companies and then the tab Special approval rules.

To add an existing special approval rule to a role, select one or more rules in the Selectable special approval rules list and add them to the Selected special approval rules list by clicking the> button. Similarly, the removal of the right to special approval rules for a role takes place. The list can be filtered by typing in the boxes above each column.

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