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Document type

The term document type is used to group documents with the same content within one and the same category.

An unlimited number of document types can be defined and used simultaneously in the system, there are no restrictions on how many documents can be stored within a document type.

Create / change document types

To view existing document types, first select companies and companies in the drop-down lists at the top of the page.

Click the View button to view a list of existing document types. Using the Name and Description fields, you can narrow down the selection of the document types you want to view.

  • To edit an existing document type, click on the current document type and the form for the document type opens.
  • To create a new document type, click the New button and the form for creating a new document type will opens.

NameEnter the name that will identify the document type.
DescriptionEnter a supplementary description.
The document type is connected to companyHere you choose which company the document type should belong to. A document type can only be linked to one company.
The document type is connected to categoryHere you select which category the document type should belong to. A document type can only be linked to one category.

Read more about the Import configuration section in the Import chapter.


To delete a document type, click on it in the list, and then click Delete.

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