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FAQ - About Azure & New Application

  • How big of a change is the new application/interface for our users?
    The new interface is designed to look more modern and educational, we have of course also kept in mind that no user should have to relearn. As a user, you will really be able to recognize yourself and navigate without any problems.

  • How long is it expected to take to implement?
    This varies from customer to customer and you will be contacted in good time before migrating to the new platform and application.

  • Will there be any increased cost to us with the switch?
    You will maintain the same cost as you have under your contract today.

  • Will we use the same link as today to log into the application after the migration?
    There will be a new URL/web address which you will be made aware of.

  • Will our users be affected in any way when it comes to logging in?
    There will be a new URL/web address that you will be made aware of.

  • What do we as customers need to do?
    It varies from customer to customer, our aim is for it to be as little as possible. We will provide more targeted information when it is appropriate for you.

  • Will our settings in terms of operating rules, attestation rules and the like remain in place?
    All settings and parameters will be set the same as before.
    This also applies to operating rules and attestation rules.

  • Will the mobile interface work as before?
    Yes, it will also be updated with the new application.

  • What is Azure and why is MediusGo switching to Azure?
     Microsoft Azure is one of the industry-leading cloud platforms for automating and simplifying the deployment of an application
    We are switching to Azure because we want to deploy our application on a more modern, secure, and redundant platform than the one we have today. It also brings easier management for us and gives us better opportunities for faster continuous updates the Azure platform is also scalable in a much better way than our existing platform.

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