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Automatic steps


The invoices in this queue should be handled automatically by the system and should therefore not be touched.

The queue Automatic steps is created when installing MediusGo and is used to present invoices that are at a step in the workflow where the system will perform automatic processing of the invoices.

When an invoice is submitted to the auto-step queue, the invoice waits to be handled by the integration between MediusGo and the financial system. An example of such a step in the workflow is when the invoices are waiting for an automatic receipt from the financial system that the invoice has been posted correctly.

The column Transferred, on the far left, shows whether the invoice has been handled by the system.

If it says "Yes", information about the invoice has been transferred to the financial system, and if it says a date, a receipt has been received.

The length of time an invoice is in the queue for automatic steps varies between financial systems but if it has been in the queue for more than an hour, please contact our support. 

If it is an invoice, use the support button on the invoice as described in the article Mail to our support.

If it concerns several invoices, register support case in the customer portal and write which invoices it concerns.

For faster processing, indicate in the case what is written in the column Transferred on the invoices concerned.  If the invoice has been transferred to the financial system, also enter the Verification No, Verification Series, and ERP tran. no. If your financial system does not use all of these, enter the ones you use.

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